Communication, university student EDM displayed on mobile device and laptop
Communication, university student EDM displayed on mobile device
Communication, university student EDM displayed on mobile device and laptop
Communication, university student EDM report displaying top stories, opens, and link clicks
Communication, university student EDM information published on staff intranet


Following internal communication reviews and the impact of COVID-19, a new centralised email to all students was proposed at QUT. The brief was to build student connection, culture, and community using an enewsletter. I delivered the project and built the publication before sending it to all students.

Provide consolidated updates about student life
Deliver key messages in line with the student lifecycle
Create pathways to follow social media accounts

Audience approx. 60,000
Frequency monthly
Design responsive on all devices
Statistics delivered, opens, clicks, shares, geolocation

Research & development

I conducted extensive research on EDM tools and provided a recommendation for the preferred vendor for this project. I also provided a thorough risk analysis including information security, budget considerations, and any potential points of failure.

Then I ensured the vendor's product could use existing mailing lists to contact all students. Moving into the testing phase, I confirmed the tool produced an accessible email that was responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.

Aesthetics were extremely important, so I used the approved design provided by the university's Brand and Creative Studio. I also tested and troubleshot the EDM tool integration with Office 365 because Outlook is known for its extensive email rendering issues.


I drafted all internal documents for approval, including the initial proposal signed off by the Executive Director of Marketing & Communication, University Registrar, and Vice-Chancellor.


Each month I drafted content, sourced images, links, and ensured messages met best practice for format to optimise engagement.

Transition to business as usual

  • Wrote process documents for the internal communications team, including instructions for drafting and sending the EDM, a live schedule, and reporting
  • Built templates including Photoshop files to export images in the correct style and size each issue
  • Created and published pages for the staff intranet including how to submit content and the process for approval
  • Published links to all previous issues of the EDM
  • Created monthly report templates including statistics, click-through rate, and the 3 most popular stories


Open rates peaked at 78% and held at 60% more than double the industry benchmark of 34%

Links to social media were in the top 3 clicks each issue

After successfully launching in July 2020, this model was duplicated and used for a new staff EDM (launched July 2021)

Communication, university staff EDM