Book covers

Winners Don't Cheat

At a time when young people are reaching out for purpose and self-responsibility, Winners Don’t Cheat offers simple and effective advice from a range of leaders such as Australia’s first federal indigenous parliamentarian Neville Bonner, former prime ministers John Howard and Paul Keating, and even entertainers like Dave Grohl and Jamie Foxx.
Written by Sean Jacobs, published 2018.

The Dark Is Rising

Where fantasy books are so often over-digitised mass-produced works, I wanted something simple and striking. I combined bird forms with a serif typeface to reference old books, and the traditions of early typesetting. This evolved into an anamorphic typography treatment using ink on paper where I let it bleed around the letterforms.

The Lovely Bones

This cover reflects the title, but also themes in the book; bones are a signifier of death and vulnerability. At a quick glance the title appears to be a standard serif typeface, however closer examination reveals each letter has been constructed from bones. These were all hand drawn using graphite on paper.

Iguana Love

Based on the story of a young Miami nurse who turns to drugs, and relationships with all the wrong people, this novel is true noir fiction. Rather than draw with pencils or create a vector, I drew with light. By using light in conjuction with printed transparencies, I created shadows and shapes to photograph.