While many find the internal body unnerving or grotesque, I find beauty in its forms. Beyond its aesthetic appeal I developed an interest in the metonymic functions of fascia and connective tissue, where they can stand in for connectivity or permeation. I started considering the broad themes of body and disease, fuelled by the fundamental premise that your pathology shapes you who are as a person.

The consideration of paint has become more important than ever. I work to use paint not just as material, but as concept: how I can let it drip, bleed and pool. The very literal stains, bleeding and leakage imply damage and disease. The works deny an excess of visuality, the circle here performs the role of a kind of membrane, a thin semi-transparent screen between the outside and the inside.

The circle acts as scope through which we view the body: a body which oozes and leaks and is both site and metaphor for psychological or pathological trauma.

Download artwork didactics (PDF 1MB)